torsdag den 11. september 2008

Bearwalk from peter smith on Vimeo.
A small Inspirational walk for our bachelor project

lørdag den 6. september 2008

Another little illustration for nepenthes

onsdag den 27. august 2008

An idea for our bachelorproject.

mandag den 25. august 2008

Here's my girlfriends' nephew, her stepfather, her dog and her horse. And some drawings she made.

Some sketches from my hollyday

A drawing from when I was at the Drawing Academy in Viborg

søndag den 24. august 2008

Something that caught my eye on a day at the beach. An older woman talking to her mid aged daughter. She was a bit upset, look at those poses.
Here's a small dialogue animation I made this spring.

hicks on snakes from peter smith on Vimeo.

lørdag den 23. august 2008

Here's a Gocard for Nepenthes. The idea was to encourage people to stop eating meat!? I made the sketch and one of my friends Frederik Villumsen did his magic on it afterwards! look at that line. Head over to his blog and nibble at his drawings.

Here's a bunch of drawings I've made for the danish Rainforest group Nepenthes. The drawings were meant to illustrate some articles in their subscribtion magazine "skov&folk" so if they don't make any apparent sence don't be puzzled.

Finally a poster that the band could accept.
A very small animation I did last year.

One of my first ideas for a poster for the band I play in. It was neglegted by the rest of the band!?

Hereby my first post. Drawing inspired by Alberto